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Chronicle of a Murder by Unknown Author

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Comanda acum cartea Chronicle of a Murder by Unknown Author din categoria Carti politiste - scrisa de Florina Popescu publicată la Editura Letras. Ai parte de Transport Gratuit la orice comandă de peste 100 de lei. 

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Chronicle of a Murder by Unknown Author is Florina Popescu’s second book after the debut novel “Hills in Scorching Heat”, published by Letras in 2019.

A crime committed on Christmas Eve in a villa located on a side street arouses many questions among the investigators. The surveillance system breaks down on the morning of the murder while the neighbors, busy with the Christmas preparations, are unable to offer any information about possible suspects visiting the victim on that day.

The data collected on the crime scene suggest that the murderer knows the victim or, at least, is no stranger to the place. Furthermore, no valuable things are missing nor are there any signs that the criminal has rummaged around the house.

Despite the investigations carried out by Commissioner Mugur Preda and Prosecutor Ligia Adam, the murder enquiry reaches a dead-end.

The case takes, however, an unexpected turn when the victim’s partner is brutally attacked in her own apartment, leading the investigations to a new direction.


Florina Popescu, autoarea romanului polițist Dealuri în arșiță

About the author:

Florina Popescu is a graduate in economics and her favorite pastime is horseback riding, a hobby which she has been practicing for 15 years. The action of the novel “Hills in Scorching Heat” is set in the Tarnavelor Hills area in Transylvania, where the author has taken many horseback riding trips. In 2007 she participated in a five-day horseback riding exploring trip going from Sighisoara area to Sambata de Sus, an experience which is described in certain chapters of the mentioned novel.

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