Story of blood

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Story of blood – Autor: Stephan D. Alexander – Editura Letras, 2021

The man was determined to see what happened and he climbed and climbed the mountain while in distance he was hearing the sound of scared animals even the monsters were scared and crying. But he did not let this stop him and he pushed forward and forward until he reached the pick of the Mountain; there he saw something that he had never seen before it was a blue but bright light that was eating the vegetation even the stones seem to cry, a bluish light.

He approached a big blue and broken object it seemed to be a stone, he tried to touch it but it was too hot; he could not understand what he was seeing; he approached the liquid and the liquid itself was hot and hurt his hand as he was approaching the blue stone that was in front of him it seem to create a heat around him and it was sending more and more heat.

He felt extremely tired and decided to sleep next to the big and broken rock that was next to him, it was beautiful, it was blue it seemed to affect everything in its path and yet it was warm, it seemed like safety, it seemed like home, so he closed his eyes and started to dream. In his dream he saw for the first time in his life images that were not familiar to him that were coming like a movie inside his head something that he had never experienced before; he was not controlling this, he was like a spectator and another person was the narrator.

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